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0015: Leaving a Legacy of Wealth: Starting with the End in Mind with Maria Dowd

Maria Dowd

Maria Dowd, Founder of MyMoneyLYFE, Author and Wealth Creation and Preservation Coach

0015: Leaving a Legacy of Wealth: Starting with the End in Mind with Maria Dowd

When Maria Dowd started African American Women on Tour (AAWOT) in 1991, she was one of the few people making it their mission to empower—and earning a living doing it. Black women across the country flocked to AAWOT to hear people Maya Angelou, Gladys Knight, Alice Walker and hundreds of empowerment trainers. Held in more than 40 U.S. cities, the Caribbean, and France over the course of 13 years, AAWOT—the foremost women’s empowerment conference series—touched the hearts of more than 30,000 women and teens worldwide.

After retiring AAWOT, Maria represented a line of botanical skincare and wellness products and led a direct sales organization of over 1,000 consultants, including Heart & Soul magazine. While developing her career as a motivational speaker, She authored three inspirational books: Journey to Empowerment, Journey to a Blissful Life, and Journey into My Brother’s Soul.

For five years, Maria was CEO of Sol City Beauty Company and served over 1,200 accounts countywide.

In the fall of 2016 Maria created her MyMoneyLYFE brand. Now, as a certified financial education instructor with the National Financial Educators Council, she provides tips, tools and resources to help individuals walk wiser paths to freedom, wealth, and intergenerational legacy-building, through financial awareness, education and safe financial solutions that protect, support and fund major life milestones, such as college, home purchases and retirement.

Maria is also the Community Manager for CPA MOMS, a community of professionals providing valuable services to mompreneurs who are ready to expand their virtual accounting businesses.

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  • Start with the end in Mind!

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