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C. Thomas Gambrell

C. Thomas Gambrell, The Home Front Success CEO Man!

The Purpose Of The Podcast

The purpose of the #BirthANewBusiness Podcast is to train, inspire and inform aspiring entrepreneurs with proven success strategies that give birth to and sustain profitable home-based businesses. Every Monday Nationally Acclaimed Business Success Coach C. Thomas Gambrell interviews successful entrepreneurs, authors, information marketers, pastors, professional speakers, business coaches & consultants on topics relating to the business success process.  The Monday interview episode is followed by the weekly Thursday success coaching episode featuring C. Thomas where he coaches listeners on practical application of the content that was covered in the previous interview episode.

Your Host – The Home Front CEO Success Man

C. Thomas Gambrell is an eminent speaker, trainer and business success coach. He provides coaching and learning management consulting services to solve training delivery, knowledge transfer and information exchange problems for business owners, member associations, corporations, not-for-profit organizations and public sector clients.

As a professional success coach, C. Thomas Gambrell addresses audiences throughout the nation training and inspiring people to become peak performers. Mr. Gambrell’s success emanates from a true passion for helping individuals and organizations get more of the right things done in less time.

C. Thomas’ captivating messages resonate with a wide variety of audiences because he not only provides inspiration to help others want to be self-motivated, he also shares specific strategies to help them in the achievement of their desired outcomes. Mr. Gambrell offers proven learning strategies and technology solutions that enable organizations to function more effectively in a 21st Century economy.

Mr. Gambrell attended Columbia University where he received a B.A. in Computer Science. Recognized as a consummate professional, C. Thomas has gone through his career achieving at the highest levels. From becoming a corporate trainer and global project manager, to top producing marketing & sales professional, to respected entrepreneur, he is a model of the practical information he shares on thought and performance excellence.

Show Notes

Greetings, I am C. Thomas Gambrell, and I want to thank you for tuning into the first episode of #BirthANewBusiness. The purpose of the #BirthANewBusiness Podcast is to train, inspire and inform aspiring entrepreneurs with proven success strategies that give birth to and sustain profitable home-based businesses.

One of the things I am most excited about is that we will be posting a new 30-45 minute episode twice weekly. So for you, this means a new episode of #BirthANewBusiness will be ready to download and listen to on your way to work, during your workout or as part of your weekly personal development regiment. We will also be following a clear and concise format on every show, so you will know exactly what to expect, day in and day out.

Sound Inspiring? Well, keep listening, and I will touch on the details of the interview flow and also tell you a little bit about the your host… me, C. Thomas Gambrell, The Home Front CEO Success Man.

Every Monday I will interview successful entrepreneurs, authors, information marketers, pastors, professional speakers, business coaches & consultants on topics relating to the business success process. The Monday interview episode is followed by the weekly Thursday success coaching episode featuring me and an occasional Guest Coach. We will coach listeners on practical application of the content that was covered in the previous interview episode.

The questions asked in the interviews are designed to shed light on the business success processes needed to give birth to and launch a home-based business. The information is shared with passion and candor and is also appropriate for those who are looking to breathe new life into their existing business.

Topics discussed include; the business success mindset, business acumen, relationship strategies, wellness & fitness, wealth creation and preservation, lead generation, sales conversion, client fulfillment, referral systems, time & life management, leadership, personal development and success.

The majority of the #BirthANewBusiness audience are “first time” home-based business owners. Most of these individuals are professionals who work full time jobs and aspire to own a home-based business, or already have a home-based business they would like to re-launch using the strategies shared on the weekly podcast interview and success coaching episodes.

Topics and questions you can expect to hear answers to from our Interview Guests include:

  • How they got started in business?
  • Why they decided to become an entrepreneur?
  • The process of starting and growing a business from idea to launch.
  • An overview of their business today.
  • Advice on their area of expertise
  • Challenges they have faced and how you have overcome those challenges?
  • Specific habits or activities that are key to success?
  • Specific books or resources that have been helpful on there success journey…
  • Their definition of success
  • Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs
  • Advice for burned out entrepreneurs
  • Current Events and a few impromptu inquires…


Now that you’ve heard a little bit about the Podcast, I want to share with you why I started the  “Birth A New Business” and Home Front CEO movement.  ….

My entrepreneurial journey started when I was an 11-year old boy mowing lawns in Tampa, Florida with my Uncle and Cousin. Over the course of the 40-years that followed my introduction to the world of business, I have evolved into a serial home-based business entrepreneur who has launched and ran dozens of businesses over that time. On November the 9th of 2015, I reached the mile stone age of 50. With this blessing came a great deal of reflection, assessment and introspection for me. This period of life and self analysis was compound by a very rough start to 2016. 2016 was a very difficult year for me as an entrepreneur. I was uninspired and emotionally drained for most of the year. Toward the beginning of the year I had a 6-year joint venture partnership come to an end and saw a whole year of work and planning go down the drain as a result. Another major project was bogged in delays due lack of funding and broken agreements and I felt that my business had hit a wall. Added to this mix of internal and business upheaval was the emotional drain of dealing with the deaths of 11 family members and friends from January thru August.

Needless to say I, I needed a break through emotionally, mentally and financially. As I exited from the valley of this period of my life, I came to the conclusion that I once again needed to give birth to a new direction which meant launching a new business model that would give me more money and time freedom in the second half of my entrepreneurial career.  Although, I was running what I considered a home-based business as a Business Success Coach, Trainer and Speaker. I was spending a great deal of time outside of my home traveling and training professionals and business owners.

I decided I wanted to put the home back into my business. Not only that … I wanted to help other veteran and aspiring business owners do the same thing. Run true home-bases – lifestyle businesses – allowing them to spending more time at home. This revelation was the genesis of the Birth A New Business and Home Front CEO Movements that are launching with this podcast episode.

I decided to create a Podcast and a Home Front CEO Online Community that provided series of programs and services that assist aspiring and veteran entrepreneurs with Business Success Skills, Systems & Strategies that help them Birth A Profitable Business from the comfort of their Home!

Ok, so now that you know all about the podcast and the Home Front CEO movement, I will conclude this episode with more about my background.

I was born Carlton Thomas Gambrell, II in the Bronx, NY during the first Major Blackout in New York City on November 9th 1965. Not only did I break my Mother’s water. So to speak .. .I turned the lights out. You can laugh … it’s ok. Shortly after birth I needed a full blood transfusion due to the negative RH factor in my mothers blood. My father and uncle had to walk the dark streets of Harlem and the South Bronx to donate blood for me at the Old Lincoln Hospital. I had a rough start so everything after that seems like piece of cake to me.

I mentioned my entrepreneurial start in Tampa but I also had my start as champion and my first taste of success as an all star baseball catcher at the World Famous Belmont Heights Little League. Where I was battery mates with Dwight Gooden and neighbors with Gary Sheffield.

At 17, my baseball skills and academic abilities landed me at Columbia University in the City of New York, where I majored in Computer Science and played Division 1 Baseball. After graduation, I worked on Wall Street for 7 years as a Network Administrator, Software Engineer and Global Project Manager for Leading Investment banks.

At 27, I resigned my positioned at JP Morgan Chase and deferred my MBA degree in International Business and Marketing at the NYU Stern Business School to pursue entrepreneurship full time to take advantage of the deregulation of the Telecommunications Industry.

From the age of 11 to 27 seven I had started and ran several home-based businesses and partnerships. This list of these endeavors is as follows; Lawn Cutting Service, Hip Hop Artist, Recording Studio, Event Production, Record Label, Artist Management, Scholastic Financial Assistance Counseling, Cultural T-Shirt and Sweat Shirt Merchandizing, African Prints Sales .

These experiences prepared me for the success that I would have from the age of 27 to 34 in the world of network marketing as business builder, trainer, leader and top producer.  Much of what I was learning in the areas of Sales, Marketing and personal development allowed me to leverage my Technology background to start my next home-based business as an independent learning management systems consultant. This would lead me to projects at Merrill Lynch, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft and Cushman & Wakefield to name a few of the companies that benefited from my talents and expertise.

At 34, I started Gambrell Blended Learning Seminars to focus full time on training, consulting and learning event production. It was at this point that I became a full-fledge home-based entrepreneur. The buck stopped with me and I loved it but it was also two months after 9/11 and needless to say, I had a rough start to my new business. I struggled for a fews years as continued to tweak my business model then it happened. I participated in a Coaches and Consultant TeleSeminar Hosted by Marketing Guru David Frey and he made this statement. “The problem with Coaches and Consultants is that they think that they are Coaches or Consultants when they are really information marketers. Coaching and Consulting are 2 of the 50 ways you can market information.” That was my AHA moment! He added information about getting riche in a niche and that was all I needed.

I changed the name of my company from GBL Seminars to C. Thomas Coaching and narrowed the focus of the business model to business success coaching in the industry of network marketing and that was the breakout year of my business … the year was 2006

At 40, I had hit pay dirt… I would make more money in the next two years than I had earned in previous 4 years combined simply by focusing on a Niche and gaining a true understanding of the real service I was providing … Information.

Suddenly, in 2008 it all came to an end. The Great Recession – contracts end abruptly and major client went out of business. And I was back at the drawing board.

It was re-creation, re-engineering, re-tooling time. After the tears, the pain and the doubt. I emerged stronger, more focused and more convicted than ever that I was on the right path for my life. The Birth A New Business Podcast is rooted in the foundation of what to be the next step in the evolution of my business now known simply as C. Thomas Success.

During that restructuring period… I knew I needed to go even deeper into the niche that I had identified 2 years earlier. Not only that, I had to create a platform that was recession proof and that I could share with other people of like mind and that meant creating a community. To take it a step farther.. I discovered that people needed more than technical skills regarding business success they also needed to understand what I knew about the business success process from my 40 years of experience (remember I started at 11)

It was about more than coaching people what they thought they needed to do but I also had to create a mechanism to teach people what I know. So the shift was from Coaching people on what they felt they needed coaching on to the understanding of the business success process. Thus C. Thomas Success was born.

From that time to know I have traveled the country training professionals and business owners on technical and soft skill systems that aid them in having success. The roles have been many; Executive Coach, Mentor, Personal Development Trainer, Leadership Trainer, Business Development Mastermind Strategist, Application Trainer, Publisher, Author, Speaker, Learning Management Consultant, Business Success Coach but the outcome has been the same – Success!

I am bringing all of that knowledge and experience to Home Front CEOs across the world through this Podcast and the Home Front CEO online Community.

The Birth A New Business Podcast is an extension of the platform. It is here as an information distribution vehicle and rally point for people that want to learn the truth about owning and running a profitable home-based business.

I want to thank you again for joining me here at Birth A New Business.  I pray that exposure to this podcast helps you to give birth to the home-based business and lifestyle you have dreamed of…

If you find value in this podcast and the message we’re trying to spread at Birth A New Body and, then click the subscribe button below, and give my show a review and (hopefully!) 5 star rating.  This type of support will allow “The  Birth A New Business Podcast” to gain the recognition it needs to reach as many people as possible. In turn, we’ll be able to share this incredible free medium of knowledge and experience with the world.

You are absolutely going to love the next episode with Toni Coleman Brown of Network for Women in Business. Her insight and experience is sure to bless you.  I’m excited for you to listen, and I’m excited for you to begin your journey with us.  C. Thomas out …

Let’s Get It Home Front CEOs!

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