Business Success Skills, Systems & Strategies for Home-Based Business Owners


The Purpose of the #BirthANewBusiness Podcast:

The purpose of the #BirthANewBusiness Podcast is to train, inspire and inform aspiring entrepreneurs with proven success strategies that give birth to and sustain profitable home-based businesses. Every Monday Nationally Acclaimed Business Success Coach C. Thomas Gambrell interviews successful entrepreneurs, authors, information marketers, pastors, professional speakers, business coaches & consultants on topics relating to the business success process. The Monday interview episode is followed by the weekly Thursday success coaching episode featuring C. Thomas where he coaches listeners on practical application of the content that was covered in the previous interview episode.

The questions asked in the interviews are designed to shed light on the business success processes needed to give birth to and launch a home-based business. The information is shared with passion and candor and is also appropriate for those who are looking to breathe new life into their existing business.

Topics discussed include; the business success mindset, business acumen, relationship strategies, wellness & fitness, wealth creation and preservation, lead generation, sales conversion, client fulfillment, referral systems, time & life management, leadership, personal development and success.

The Audience:
The majority of the #BirthANewBusiness audience are “first time” home-based business owners. Most of these individuals are professionals who work full time jobs and aspire to own a home-based business, or already have a home-based business they would like to re-launch using the strategies shared on the weekly podcast interview and success coaching episodes.

Topics you can expect to here answers to from our Interview Guest:

• How you got started in business?
• Why you decided to become an entrepreneur?
• The process of starting and growing your business from idea to launch?
• An overview of your business today?
• Advice on your area of expertise?
• Challenges you have faced and how you have overcome those challenges?
• Specific habits or activities that are key to your success?
• Specific books or resources that have been helpful to you?
• Your definition of success?
• Advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?
• Advice for burned out entrepreneurs?
• Current Events and a few impromptu inquires…

About the Homefront CEO Man

C. Thomas Gambrell is an eminent speaker, trainer and business success coach. He provides coaching and learning management consulting services to solve training delivery, knowledge transfer and information exchange problems for business owners, member associations, corporations, not-for-profit organizations and public sector clients.
As a professional success coach, C. Thomas Gambrell addresses audiences throughout the nation training and inspiring people to become peak performers. Mr. Gambrell’s success emanates from a true passion for helping individuals and organizations get more of the right things done in less time.
C. Thomas’ captivating messages resonate with a wide variety of audiences because he not only provides inspiration to help others want to be self-motivated, he also shares specific strategies to help them in the achievement of their desired outcomes. Mr. Gambrell offers proven learning strategies and technology solutions that enable organizations to function more effectively in a 21st Century economy.
Mr. Gambrell attended Columbia University where he received a B.A. in Computer Science. Recognized as a consummate professional, C. Thomas has gone through his career achieving at the highest levels. From becoming a corporate trainer and global project manager, to top producing marketing & sales professional, to respected entrepreneur, he is a model of the practical information he shares on thought and performance excellence.
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New York University,, Microsoft, Inc., Soul Purpose, Inc.,, Bronx Community College, Rockaway Development and Revitalization Corporation, Harlem Commonwealth Council, The Training Associates, Department of Homeless Services/Accenture

Sumitomo Bank Capital Markets, JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Cushman & Wakefield, Lehman Brothers, Citibank, Deutsche Bank, Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Corporation

Abyssinian Baptist Chruch, Harlem, NY – Reverend Dr. Calvin O. Butts, III

Bethel Gospel Assembly, Harlem, NY – Bishop Carlton T. Brown
Bethel Bible and Missions Training Center in association with Oral Roberts University School of Life Long Learning.

Interview Terms and Conditions:

1. Ownership of Produced Media
By participating in the #BirthANewBusiness Podcast, you agree to allow me, C. Thomas Gambrell, to record, distribute, and disseminate the produced media in any manner I feel appropriate. You also agree to allow me to retain rights to the produced media for potential future use in speeches, books, online courses, magazines, and all other public distribution.

2. Promotion & Exposure
As a guest on the #BirthANewBusiness Podcast you will receive an exclusive page on this website with your name, interview title, photograph, bio, and appropriate links to your website(s). Your interview page will remain on this website indefinitely, and may become a source of continued traffic to your website(s). Your interview will be promoted to hundreds of thousands of followers on social media and to my list of email subscribers. This exposure may or may not result in new clients or customers to your business.

Preparing for your interview:
At the time of the interview, I will contact you via Skype. I will be recording audio only. If you do not have a Skype account, you can create an account here: Get Skype Here! You will also need an external microphone connected to your PC or Laptop (a laptop’s built-in microphone will not suffice). Here is a great low cost microphone if you need to purchase one prior to the interview: Logitech Clear Chat Comfort/USB Headset H390 (Black): $28.99 (you can provide me with a land line phone number as an alternative). I will not do interviews via mobile phone. A typical interview lasts 30-45 minutes, although you should allocate 1 hour to allow for sound check and brief discussion before and/or after the interview.

To help minimize background noises or possible interruptions (technological or otherwise), please ensure that you are in a private/enclosed area at the time of the interview. The interview will be professionally edited before it is published to help minimize background noises, volume fluctuations, and in some cases, verbal slip-ups.
Sharing your interview:

Once your interview is published, you will be sent a link to your interview page along with a custom image that you may use in your promotions. I encourage you to share the link to the interview with your audience to help increase your exposure and inspire more people with your message.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in being a guest on the #BirthANewBusiness Podcast, and hope that together we can inspire others to achieve greater levels of success not only in business, but in life in general.

Be Well and Master the Moment,
C. Thomas Gambrell
Business Success Coach, Author
Host of #BirthANewBusiness Podcast
Weekly Episodes
Every Monday (Interview Episode) & Thursday (Success Coaching Episode)